Tuesday, 3 May 2016

What are Smoking Glass Pipes?

Glass pipes are one of the popular devices for smoking. It is considered as a classy way of smoking. The glass pipes are popular for its shape, colorful and attractive designs and fresh tastes. It is easily available at every head shop.

Glass pipes come in different categories including Inside-out glass pipe, spiral glass pipes, hitter, bubblers etc. They are designed in such a way that gives the 3D view from outside. Smoking in glass pipe is considered much better than the filtered cigarettes. Glass pipes are stylish and classy than other smoking devices.

Components of Glass Pipes:

Bowl: bowl is the main part of the glass pipes that contain the tobacco inside it.

Pipe: A glass pipes have a thin pipe like shape that connects the bowl to mouthpiece.

Bit: It is also known as mouthpiece from where we smoke.

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How to clean a glass pipe:

To clean a glass pipes you don’t need much, you just need isopropyl alcohol and salt.

Get started with mixing two or three teaspoons of salt with isopropyl alcohol. Stir them together and put your glass pipes into the mixture. 

Soak them for half an hour till all the resin completely wipes off. Wash them properly with water and dry them with paper towel.

The alcohol loosens the resins of the pipe and salt acts as a scrubber that removes the gunk without damaging pipe.

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