Monday, 25 April 2016

Introduction about Chillum

A chillum is a conical shaped pipe open from both the sides. The origin of the chillums is unknown because some said it is originated in India and some said America. In ancient time these chillums are made up with clay and used by sadhus for inhaling cannabis and other herbs. Chillums are considered best to smoke hashish or cannabis. A chillum stone is inserted into the chillum pipes to prevent user to inhale the debris.

Types of Chillum

Today chillum comes into different materials such as clay, stone, glass and crystal etc. You can buy here the different variety of chillums

Cleaning of Chillum

A chillum need to clean properly after smoking. To clean a chillum first take a strip of cloth through the chillum and run it up and down to clean properly. 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

What is Smoking Rolling Papers | Top Brands

Cigarette Rolling paper is a paper used for making cigarettes. These papers can be used in manufactured filter cigarettes and individual can also roll their own cigarettes as per their choice.

These smoking papers are made from a very thin rag fiber like hemp, sisal, rice etc. These are available in sheets and rolls in various sizes. It comes in transparent, colored and flavored

Cigarette rolling papers are openly available in shops one can buy and roll their own cigarettes.. These papers are filled with tobacco, cannabis and herbs and rolled by using rolling machines.

Top brands of Smoking Rolling Papers

Many branded smoking rolling papers are available in the market some of them are:

RAW Papers
Zig Zag Papers
OCB Papers

To buy any kinds of rolling paper visit Smoking Rolling papers.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

What is a Bong and Bongs Components


A bong is a popular smoking device or an inhalation device same as hookah used for smoking tobacco and other cannabis.  But In comparison of the hookah a bong is more portable than hookah. 

Below is a picture of a bong structure:

In the image above you can see the smoke flows from the lower part of the bong on the left to the upper part on the right.

Components of Bong:

Tube: Tube is simply the body of your bong.

Mouthpiece: It is an opening on the top of the tube where you place your mouth to inhale. You should place your lips inside the hole not over the hole.

Bowl: It is a place where you put your smoking material like tobacco. It is also called as slide.

Down stem: This small tube connects the water in the bottom of the bong to the bottom of the slide. The water in the bong should always be higher than the down stem.

Carb: A carb is a hole on the side that is above the water level. This hole is covered while slide is being lit and uncovered when user is ready for smoke.

Types of Bongs:

The bongs come in the variety of material some of them are :

-Portable bongs 

Glass bongs are popular among the smoking lovers more than any other bongs. To buy bong visit

Bamboo BongGlass Bong
 Ceramic bongCrystal Bong
 Portable Bongzig zag glass bong

Monday, 18 April 2016

How to set up a Hookah

How to set up a Hookah

This article is totally dedicated to the hookah lovers. Here we will discuss about how to prepare or set up a hookah for you.

First we will talk about “what is Hookah”. A hookah is known by many names some of them are narghile, shisha and qalyan. A hookah is a smoking instrument used for vaporization and smoking of flavoured tobacco. In hookah vapor or smoke is passed through a glass basin filled with water.

Steps to set up a Hookah:

1) Add the water to the jar or the base in such a way that the bottom of the stem is one inch below the water level.

2) Fix the stem of the hookah just above the jar or hookah base and fit the plate over top of the stem.

3) Connect the hose to the hose port.

4) Fill the tobacco in the tobacco boil till its rim not more than it.

5) Covered the tobacco bowl with metal screen or you can use the perforated foil and make some holes on it to pass air.

6) Prepare your coal and Put the coal on the metal screen or foil covering the top of the tobacco bowl.

7) Now Inhale through the hose. You should wait for some minutes to begin operation properly.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Electronic Cigarette Guide - Components & Working

Electronic cigarettes are the future of smoking. These are the battery operated cigarette shaped device filled with E liquids that simulate the feeling of smoking. We use the word vaping when we talk about E cigarettes.  E cigs are considered safer than real cigarettes. It has no Odour, no Ash and no Tar like real cigarettes. 

E Cigarette components:

Battery powers the atomizer:

E cigarette batteries are of two types one is the automatic and other is the manual. In manual batteries a button is need to press to start it but in automatic batteries starts when user sucks the mouthpiece.

An atomizer heats the E liquid

An atomizer plays an important role in the functioning of E cigarette. It converts the e liquid into the vapor hence it is called as vaporizer.  It is done by heating coil that is directly connected with the E liquid.

Cartridge or Tank filled with E liquid

A Cartridge in E cigarettes is filled with E liquids. These e liquids come in various flavors with or without nicotine as per the liquid chosen by you.

How E cigs does Works:

The cartridge or tank that holds the E liquid, When it gets attached to the E cig, It gets connected to the atomizer. When user inhale through mouthpiece, the battery converts some amount of E juice into the vapor and the light placed on the tip of the cigarette glows.

Vaporite Opal E cigaretteiStick VAPOR STICK