Saturday, 26 November 2016

Top Five Best Brands of Rolling Paper

With so many rolling papers in the market, but choosing the right can make a much better experience and can give you the feel of perfect bliss.

Those days have gone when the only choice was to buy a tobacco rolling paper from your nearest Pan Shop. Today hundreds of companies hitting the market these days specialized in rolling paper only. Rolling paper is much more than a paper for rolling your herb. A good rolling paper has certain qualities.

I used to thing a rolling paper is just a paper to roll your weed until I haven’t tried a branded rolling paper. I was surprised to see that these papers are thinner than I used before. These are also tasteless and odorless. Now I believe that a good smoking paper is the one that leaves you a fine feeling after smoking.

Here we are going to discuss about some of the top brands of Rolling papers in the market:

RAWRaw is only five years old company in Spanish. RAW’s paper are pure, eco friendly, un-dyed, and thin. It is slow burned and light weight papers. Raw Papers are durable and tastes clean.

OCB Organic Hemp: OCB Organic hemp papers are eco friendly made with hemp. These papers are lightweight, easy to roll, thin and burn slowly.

Element rolling papers are naturally made rice papers. They are not chemically treated. It burns slowly and here is very little ash because it is made with rice.

Juicy Jay’s: It is a best brand of Flavoured rolling paper made in North America. These papers come in various flavours such as grape, green apple, blueberry, banana, raspberry and many other. If you want to try something new you can try juicy’s flavored papers. Papers are juicy’s made from hemp. It is a natural paper not made with any bleach and chemical.

Zig Zag: Zig Zag is a rolling paper brand of France. It is thicker than other smoking paper. Zig zag rolling papers are slow burning and you can stuff more weed into these papers and it won’t tear.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Why to Grind Weed with Grinders?

Weed grinding is the first step in the smoking process. If you are a regular smoker than you prefer this technique more often. Over the year the process of grinding the herb is changed drastically from one chamber to two and now till four chamber of grinder have gain popularity in many head shops.

Whether you vape, ingest, or smoke, it is best if the weed is ground up finely. Now your question can be Why to Grind Weed? What are its reasons? 

The first reason behind this is that the ground weed smells more fantastic that makes you in love with your weed.

The second main reason is that It unlock the flavor of the weed. Grinding the herb looks more fantastic and also it gives more smoke per hit.

Ground weed is easy to fill in the bong, joint and pipe, and also gives more pleasure of smoking. Some traditional grinders have the additional chamber to catch kief, you can sprinkle it on the top of the bowl that is an additional surprise for you.

It also permits for even and slow burning .It takes a lot of time to break the herb by hand. A grinder also saves time and save money.

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