Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How to use a Rolling Machine

1.       Tobacco in hand: Get ready with the stuff (tobacco) you want to fill in the cigarette. Grind it properly using grinders available for herb.

2.      Ready Rolling Machine: Obtain a cigarette rolling machine of a good brand such as RAW etc. Purchase according to your cigarette small, medium and big rolling machine.

3.      Play with your Rolling Machine: Understand the working of your rolling machine. Try to open or close roll to know about it.

4.      Put the tobacco you want to fill in the cigarette in between the space of both the rollers.

5.     Close the roller after tobacco is filled.

6.     Remove a paper from the pack: Check out which side has the gum and insert the opposite side into the roller, put the adhesive facing towards you. Start rolling the paper into the machine slowly-slowly, when you will reach near gum lick it roll again.

7.     Open your roller and your cigarette is ready. 


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