Tuesday, 19 April 2016

What is a Bong and Bongs Components


A bong is a popular smoking device or an inhalation device same as hookah used for smoking tobacco and other cannabis.  But In comparison of the hookah a bong is more portable than hookah. 

Below is a picture of a bong structure:

In the image above you can see the smoke flows from the lower part of the bong on the left to the upper part on the right.

Components of Bong:

Tube: Tube is simply the body of your bong.

Mouthpiece: It is an opening on the top of the tube where you place your mouth to inhale. You should place your lips inside the hole not over the hole.

Bowl: It is a place where you put your smoking material like tobacco. It is also called as slide.

Down stem: This small tube connects the water in the bottom of the bong to the bottom of the slide. The water in the bong should always be higher than the down stem.

Carb: A carb is a hole on the side that is above the water level. This hole is covered while slide is being lit and uncovered when user is ready for smoke.

Types of Bongs:

The bongs come in the variety of material some of them are :

-Portable bongs 

Glass bongs are popular among the smoking lovers more than any other bongs. To buy bong visit littlegoa.com

Bamboo BongGlass Bong
 Ceramic bongCrystal Bong
 Portable Bongzig zag glass bong


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