Monday, 18 April 2016

How to set up a Hookah

How to set up a Hookah

This article is totally dedicated to the hookah lovers. Here we will discuss about how to prepare or set up a hookah for you.

First we will talk about “what is Hookah”. A hookah is known by many names some of them are narghile, shisha and qalyan. A hookah is a smoking instrument used for vaporization and smoking of flavoured tobacco. In hookah vapor or smoke is passed through a glass basin filled with water.

Steps to set up a Hookah:

1) Add the water to the jar or the base in such a way that the bottom of the stem is one inch below the water level.

2) Fix the stem of the hookah just above the jar or hookah base and fit the plate over top of the stem.

3) Connect the hose to the hose port.

4) Fill the tobacco in the tobacco boil till its rim not more than it.

5) Covered the tobacco bowl with metal screen or you can use the perforated foil and make some holes on it to pass air.

6) Prepare your coal and Put the coal on the metal screen or foil covering the top of the tobacco bowl.

7) Now Inhale through the hose. You should wait for some minutes to begin operation properly.


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